The Mask of FSociety : Illustrating Mr. Robot

The Mask of FSociety - Mr. Robot - Jason A. Das

Ever since Breaking Bad concluded and left the air, I was looking for a new show to follow that would provide me something unique and different. I have enough superheroes, horror, fantasy, comedy, animated series to binge/ or watch live that time is precious. What I was missing was something dramatic, dark, suspenseful to my library of viewing. About 2015 I heard about this show on social media people were talking about giving a chance. It was called Mr. Robot. This was a show tucked away on USA Network, so there was no affiliate in Canada carrying the show. It wasn’t until later it got picked up by Showcase I was able to catch up.


This show is so relevant with what’s happening in the world currently. We live today in a such a always online connected world where information data is up for grabs. Privacy issues, corporate greed, economical catastrophes, dark webs, the faults in cyber security, and the actions of hacktivism to make public examples of them.

The scary thing about the show is that almost everything depicted in the show in terms of hacking are able to happen. I’ve seen some weird tech shows like CSI: Cyber that are so far fetch in its depiction of hacking, it’s very cringeworthy.

The hacking group in the show FSociety, members wear these masks. It reminded me of the Monopoly board game mascot. I instantly though of activist groups that wear the Guy Fawkes mask.

Overall I feel in love with the characters that play a part in Elliot’s life. What I tried to create here was the FSociety mask with multiple faces of main cast of characters that have been appearing for the past 2 seasons. Created in Photoshop I used mostly a chalk/pastel brush with only using white and dark grey. All drawn on a black background layered with programming source code pattern.

I think with Rami Malek’s recent Emmy award win for best actor, it’ll give Mr. Robot the boost in viewership. Rami’s performance of the depressed character Elliot is really thought provoking. What’s also great is the interactions between Elliot and his father played by Christian Slater. I don’t want to spoil too much of the show, but I encourage you to watch the series.