The Time I Was Quoted In A Freshbooks Blog

FreshbooksBack in 2011, my good friend Chris Talbot was writing an article about social media marketing. Chris asked me for my thoughts on the subject. At first I was puzzled; why me? At that time I was very new to the subject of social media marketing. I did not consider myself a guru of the field. I took on a new role at my previous employer, in figuring out how to jumpstart our presence online, beyond the website. I pretty much dived into the subject headfirst learning about each social platform; how they worked, posted a comment, what kind of audience did it attract?

Years later I followed up with Chris, how that article went that he interviewed me for then. Knowing what I know now about social media marketing, I’ve learned so much more. He had informed me it was for blog. My 1st reaction was “HA! I use that service. What a coincidence.” If you’re not aware of what Freshbooks is, it’s a cloud based account software and service. For my freelancing purposes it’s been a big help just with managing the invoices and payments, and with my work tracking. The fact that I can time track using the iOS app and generate an invoice from my phone, it’s been a big help. If you’re a small business or a freelance designer as well, definitely look into using Freshbooks. It’ll keep you organized with all the paper work and tracking your expenses. Feel free to read the article True or false? Gaining new clients through social media marketing is easy also read their other stories about freelancing, starting a business, and tax tips.