The UpRiSingh of Jagmeet Singh

In 2015, I remember doing the Harjeet Sajjan image as a GI Joe action figure. It blew up on social media and was featured on CTV’s W5 news programme, and in a story on the Huffington Post. I was approached by The Los Angeles Times as well, but they did not run or use my image for their story. At the time I felt it was kind of fun showing my engagement with Canadian politics. One of my favorite political / editoral cartoonists is Theo Moudakis of the Toronto Star. As much as I would like to draw something, I felt Photoshoping my ideas was quicker to do. While I did get a lot of positive feedback, I did get some negative comments from random trolls. I later started searching where my image was being shared and I noticed it popping up on some fringe sites which were stoking racial / anti-liberal sentiment. 

Fast forward to 2019 and the political landscape has taken a tone similar to the rhetoric coming out of the United States. I thought to myself that did I want to get involved in the again with the reactions being so overcranked on every issue coming from the election? I thought at the time it wasn’t worth it.

As the election was coming to end, I saw that NDP leader put out a tweet as shown below:

This prompted me to at least do capitalize on this tweet because it was such a great hashtag. I decided to get Jagmeet the OBEY GIANT treatment using a comical image used by Mr. Singh. I got some laughs and retweets, but I was just showing some love to Mr. Singh. I didn’t think he would win, but there’s always next time.