Video Games

Did I ever tell you how much I love video games? Here’s a look at some of my involvement and work I’ve done with the video games community.

Game Development

Magic Meisters

Developed by: Two Coins Entertainment
Platform: Windows PC and PlayStation Network
Release Date: To Be Determined
Role: Associate Producer and Community Outreach
Accolades: Selected for Steam Greenlight community initiative. Featured crowdfunding campaign during the launch of Kickstarter Canada.



Playtest User Research Lab Tester

UbisoftI participated in Ubisoft’s Playtest User Research Lab on 5 AAA shipped titles for the home game console market. I’ve had the opportunity to work with members of the development teams from Ubisoft Toronto and Montreal.

*Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement I cannot discuss openly about the process or the released games.

Video Game Reviews

I had the opportunity of playing and writing reviews for GamOver Online as their freelance PlayStation Contributor.


Fan Art

I’ve created fan art ranging from Facebook banners, Photoshop artwork, to viral images for the video game community. Here are a few galleries – Podcast Beyond – IGN Girlfight



Story Consultant

I had the pleasure to assist childrens author Sylv Chiang, on her young adult book series; Cross Ups. In her 1st book of the series, Tournament Trouble, I provided my insight and knowledge of what I knew about e-sports and video games. You can buy the book here.